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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cafe Italia

There's a small cafe off Lygon St in one of the small lanes. I chanced upon it with my cousin last year, which is amazingly late, seeing I've been living in Carlton for the past 4 years (Except the 2 that I was in South Melbourne. So fine, 2 years).

Anyway, it was one of my close friend's birthday last weekend so I decided to buy him dinner to celebrate the ocassion. With an extremely large effort on my part, I have taken photos and am posting them up. Took my computer ages.

Interior - It was very very dark. The last time I went it was during the daytime, but this was almost pitch black. Couldn't take photos of the food without flash.

Chicken - My main. Some sort of char-grilled chicken with roasted peppers. The peppers were nice - they were actually sweet.

Lamb - Friend's main.

Raspberry Cheesecake - Well, nothing out of ordinary. Cheesecake with raspberries.

Tiramisu - Very very alcoholic.

So there's my first photo post since...donkey years ago. Shall attempt to do more in the future.

All about perseverance.


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