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Saturday, June 09, 2007

French Open

I've been lying on the couch every night watching French Open for the entire week.

I find the commentator's comments sometimes highly amusing.

"Nadal shoots a death stare to Djokovic to remind him he's staying right where he is."

"He just buries the ball into the court."

"Amid menancing glares, he seems to be pulling through."

"Ah... the dampener on Djokovic's racket has a smiley face!"

"Talk about obsessive compulsive disorder - Nadal must place his water bottle exactly onto the ring where it was every time."

I am supporting Nadal to win this year and as for the Women's, not particularly fussed as I like both Henin and Ivanovic.

I managed to knit one full sleeve of a cardigan I'm working on during the Men's semifinals last night. Very pleased.


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