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Monday, June 11, 2007


Now that the French Open is over (Nadal won! After years of supporting the eventual losers I have finally managed to pick the winner!) I suddenly realize that my life is meaningless. Suddenly there's just nothing to do.

I went to Malacca yesterday in the hope that I would see some things that were worth buying. Bought a couple of tops and that was it. A pair of Gucci sunnies caught my eye.

Me: *squinting* Omg, it's RM320?!!! That's IMPOSSIBLE.
Dad: Don't be ridiculous. It's RM1320.
Me: ....Oh. *sulk*


On the other hand, as my end of term present from me to me, I bought a Gucci portfolio for myself. I love it - even if everybody who has come in contact with it and the knowledge of how much it costs has pronounced my act as either insanity or plain...well..craziness.

I don't care.

Can't find the energy to take a photo of it and put it up here. But it's basically a plain Gucci portfolio with the monogram and brown trimmings.


Have I scared away all possible potential suitors?


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