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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Non-Cariogenic Diet

I went to observe a specialist give dietary advice to a patient who had severe erosion and hyposalivation.

Specialist: I'm looking at your dietary report and I see you drink lots of juice.
Patient: Yes, I like a little juice between meals to get a bit of a sugar kick.
Specialist: Well, it's bad for your teeth. You should drink water. Or milk.
Patient: *sigh* Okay...

Specialist: I see you like to eat dried fruit too.
Patient: Yes, I didn't think about it then I realized that it was very sugary too.
Specialist: That's right. Dried fruit is not a good option for you either. You should eat cheese instead.
Patient: I don't really like dairy.
Specialist: You must at least try...
Patient: Okay....*double sigh*

Specialist: I see you like to eat fruit straps, jam, ice cream, chocolate, sugary cereals and chewable vitamin C.
Patient: Yes, very sugary aren't they?
Specialist: Well, they all have to go. Especially the chewable vitamin C. Very bad for your teeth!
Patient: *triple sigh* Okay...

After trimming down her entire dietary record, the patient was sent off to eat raw fruit and vegetables, rice/wheat crackers with cottage cheese, carrot/cucumber sticks, plain Weetbix and meat.

Dental Girl is grateful she is not hyposalivating.


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She has to miss all the goodness in life...
Walao....damn tragic.
Ya, thank goodness I'm not hyposalivating too.

By Anonymous Ann Gie, at 3/08/2007 3:40 PM  

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