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Monday, March 05, 2007

Flower Power

Been buying flowers weekly to spruce up the house.

I think after the traumatic year that I had last year, all I'm seeking for is peace and quiet. Thus the fixation on flowers, candles and obsessive rearrangement of all the things in my room and in the house to make everything 'nice and peaceful'.

My mom loves Dental Girl, version After Psycho Housemate a lot. Apparently Psycho Housemate managed to do what she never could - make me make my bed with painful precision daily the second I get out of bed.

I guess I just don't want to be anything like Psycho Housemate. Even now when I think about what I went through, I have no idea how I managed to survive.

I rather be hit by a truck again than to live with another Psycho.


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hi girlie i have been reading ur blog and it's awesome! ur food photos are also very...err.. sweet. LOL anyways i have been inspired by making wantans from ur photos. i'm 2nd year in politics in manchester now, i am clueless as to what u've been up to since form 5. we should catch up!

wan phing

By Blogger phing, at 3/06/2007 4:24 AM  

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