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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nutella Overdose

Without 12A and 13A clamps, I cannot clamp molars. Especially if they're molars in children.

After unsuccessfully trying to place rubber dam on a child with 2 different clamps, I got the demonstrator to come and help me. He also, failed.

Father of the child started to doubt my ability as a dentist and asked the demonstrator if I was up for the job. Demonstrator assured him I wasn't an idiot.

Tried to place the sealant on with cotton roll isolation. Child's opening was 1 cm. I do not exaggerate. That's the width of my finger. Yes, that's right. That little brat was biting on me the whole time!

"Could you please open a little wider? I just need 3 minutes, alright?" I asked in my best paeds sing-song voice.


Placed an okay sealant but missed the palatal side of it because I couldn't actually see what the hell was going on in there. Demonstrator said I should just do a separate seal there. I nodded.

Father then said that he would really prefer it if the demonstrator did it, because "She doesn't look confident and she's not qualified."

Demonstrator: Well, she's learning but she's perfectly competent. I'm sure she can do it.
Father: My son is not an experiment, he's a boy!
Demonstrator: Well, if you really don't want her to do it you can go back onto the waiting list for a paediatric dentist.
Father: *mumble grumble*

In the end he said he'd rather wait, because "I don't want you to hurt him."

Because asking your son to not bite on my fingers translates to hurting him! I'M the one who's hurt, &*@#(@!

Got home and ate half a bottle of Nutella. Was just absolutely fed up that I am actually paying to be treated like this.


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Hahaha you are so funny. I saw some Nutella at the store just yesterday and wanted it SO bad. But I didn't buy it. Partly because it was almost $5 and partly because it's not very good for my diet. Eat a bunch for me, okay!? yummm.....

By Blogger Rachel G, at 7/03/2008 6:29 AM  

Some patients are bitchy and picky (especially if it concerns their kids)...but ah well, it'll change when you graduate. There will be more nice patients (and still a few bitchy ones). That's life..*shrugs*

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/04/2008 8:23 PM  

omg, i feel bad for you. don't let that stupid father make u upset. not worth it.

By Blogger hy, at 7/08/2008 3:54 AM  

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