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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How Dare He?

My Periodontics patient presentation is in 2 weeks time. I brought my patient in for a review and to give him the scale and clean of a lifetime so that when presentation day comes, his teeth would be sparkling clean.

At least, that was the plan.

Me: Hello, Mr X! How are you today?
Him: Not good.


Me: What is the problem?
Him: I have a swelling.
Me: As in, an abscess?
Him: Yeah, an abscess!

So turns out there's a periodontal abscess in his mouth. Also, the probing depths have not decreased - in fact, some have actually increased. Not all sites, mainly at teeth with furcation involvement and 10mm pocket depths.

Did I also mention that he has like... no oral hygiene habits?

Demonstrator: So, you have a very interesting case. It would be nice to see how you go for the exam.
Me: You mean...when I fail.
Demonstrator: No no...if you rationalize properly you won't fail. Just get ready to be hammered. Hehehe...
Me: ........



4 comment(s):

Show him scary pictures of teeth not been taken care of properly.

I thought the teachers used to scare us like that in school.

By Anonymous Jason, at 10/10/2007 11:47 PM  

Problem is that he is the scary picture that we would show to the kids to scare them into brushing their teeth.


By Blogger Dental Girl, at 10/11/2007 12:14 AM  

i thought about "tagging" you, but I wasn't sure if you were still reading my blog!

By Blogger Rachel G., at 10/11/2007 12:35 AM  

that makes things easier, right? show him the mirror!

By Anonymous jason, at 10/11/2007 10:18 AM  

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