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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Panic Time

So I admit that this year I haven't really been studying as much as I should. Far from it.

Somehow along the way I lost my motivation. I used to be pretty good with keeping up with my work in First Year. Then it just went all downhill from there and now at the end of Fourth Year, I wonder where has all my motivation gone.

I come up with various excuses - 'What's the point of doing well - there's no difference anyway as long as you pass".

"I'll have time later. For now, I want to enjoy life."

Well, there's no more time now. With finals about 5-6 weeks away with something like 10 subjects (if not more) to study by then, I admit I'm starting to panic a little.

Doesn't help that I'm addicted to Facebook and MSN.

In a way I wish my parents were here to give me a good nudge in the right direction. But I'm all on my own now so I guess it's really up to me to nudge myself.

"Be unyielding towards your goal and have faith and trust in yourself that the end will justify the means."
- Brian Buchner


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