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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bees and Flowers

Went over to my friend's house last night and spent a good 1-2 hours asking the Book of Answers random questions. I have to say, the book was pretty harsh on me.

Me: Will I live happily ever after?
Book: Only if you do as you're told.

Me: Should I stay in Melbourne after I graduate?
Book: You must.

However, there were good answers. Me and my friends are probably still gonna be friends after we graduate and my friend's 21st birthday party is going to be the best party ever.

Yes, we were that bored.

Spent the rest of the night watching Beauty and The Beast, singing along to all the songs and criticizing the beast for being an absolute clueless idiot when it comes to...pretty much everything.

Me: Should I stay over tonight?
Book: Follow the lead of others.

So I stayed over. In the dark, we talked about various methods of killing people, how bees function and how much work we have to do to survive the next 8 weeks of dentistry.



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