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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Want To Leave

Being in a group is a lot like being in a relationship I feel.

There's always people wanting to leave, people not wanting people to leave, people wanting desperately that the other people are going to stay, constant pressure being put on.

I want to leave.

How do I phrase it so that people don't feel offended? Because the truth is that I do not enjoy meeting up, do not have the motivation to meet up and do not want to meet up. I prefer to spend my weekends knitting, going to knitting class, watching movies, eating leisurely lunches or doing nothing. Not meeting up.

How do I say that in a polite manner?

1. I don't have the time - can be easily countered with "But you have time to go to knitting class!?!
2. I'm busy - countered with we'll change it to a time when you are free.
3. I have too much work I don't want to leave the house - you will feel better after hanging out for a while.




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