Tooth Fairy In The Making

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tooth Bitch?

I've started pre-clinical endodontics today.

Since the first day in the first year of this course we've been told that we should go approach our dentists and ask them to save teeth that they've extracted from their patients so that we can practice doing root canals on them.

So here we are in Fourth Year and I've managed to amass 2 years' worth of teeth from 2 separate dentists and somehow there are people who managed to amass none.

I know that I have a lot of teeth and I should share. But my store is not renewable.

When half a bottle of my teeth vanished into thin air (I had maybe... 300 teeth?) I decided to say something. Needless to say people have harvested the best of the crop.

Now I'm wondering if I'm being a selfish bitch. I still need teeth for end of year exams and the truth is, maybe I am a little selfish. But we had 3 years to go look for teeth!!

There were some people who really just didn't have an incisor or a proper premolar, which was fine. But for people who had none?

Feeling a mixture of guilt and annoyance.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

4th Year

They really just throw you into the deep end and expect you to swim for shore.

I've been back in uni two days and I'm positively exhausted. However, I've been blessed with a good GP demonstrator again this year and I think I enjoy fixed prosthetics a lot more than removable.

My room is really nice now (even if I do say so myself) and will be posting up pictures shortly when everything is 100% in order. I bought a bottle of Nutella yesterday and this time I can finally just leave it out in the kitchen where food belongs without fear that there'll be a Phantom Of The Apartment taking furtive licks/dips into my precious hazelnut spread. You have no idea how liberating this is.

I am contented.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Home

I'm back in Melbourne in the home that I hope to stay in for the next 2 years.

So far, my housemate has proved herself to be sociable, clean and has yet to display any traits of psychoness. I'm optimistic.

Went shopping in Ikea to decorate my room. Shall post up pictures of my finished bedroom. Very excited.

Uni starts tomorrow. Our first day back and it's scheduled to be from 8-4.45pm with a half an hour break for lunch.



Friday, January 26, 2007

All My Bags Are Bursting

I've been packing for my impending journey back to Melbourne tomorrow.

My luggage is 2kg overweight.

Parents: Just don't bring one of your ridiculous bags. How many bags do you need?
Me: I need all!!!!!!
Parents: Take less clothes then.
Me: I can't!!!!!!!!!
Parents: Don't be absurd.

Okay, this is what I think about luggage limits.

That limit is ridiculous. A person who is say...80kg gets 20kg worth of luggage.

I'm way less than that and they still only give me 20kg worth of luggage - and we're paying the same price!


They should give each passenger a combined weight of 100kg - that's what I call fair.

Still sulking and unsure about what to throw out.



Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pomme D'Amour

I want this bag in this color so much I don't even know how to express the desire.

So it's striking - that's the point!

Problem is, I'm broke.



Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Conversation in mandarin.

Me: So, what should I call you?
Hairstylist: Here's my name card.
Me: *reading* Iceberg?
Hairstylist: Do you find that amusing?
Me: Do you know what that means?
Hairstylist: Yeah, I do.
Me: So, why did you choose that name? Is it because you think you're cool? *cracking up*
Hairstylist: If you must know, someone chose it for me.
Me: And why?
Hairstylist: Because I'm cool, of course! *poses and grins*

My hairstylist is a great entertainer.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shopping Destiny

I believe in destiny - especially in the shopping arena.

How else can a pair of shoes in my exact size be at 60% sale waiting for me, even though I didn't buy it a week ago because I thought it pinched my feet a little?

Color doesn't show up too well here. Everything in my room is blue - can't do anything about that.

Got it for RM20 (~AUD 7-8).

If this isn't destiny, I don't know what is.


The Simple Life

Went to highlight my hair today. As usual, I small-talked the hairdresser who was doing it.

Me: So, how long have you been a hairstylist?
Him: Hmm...about 3-4 years?
Me: Oh...right. So you went straight into hairstyling after you finished high school?
Him: Me? No! I stopped studying soon after I got into high school.
Him: Yeah, just wasn't into studying, you know?
Me: So, are you happy where you are now?
Him: Yeah...I guess you could say so. It's not a bad career, the pay is alright... what more could you ask for?

I guess I envy people who are contented with their lives. I have the tendency to want more out of life. One could be positive and say I'm ambitious, or one could be negative and say I'm discontented.



Sunday, January 21, 2007

Richard Gasquet

Have added him into my "Must cheer" list.

I can't decide who I really want to win Australian Open, seeing that I like James Blake, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and this guy.


Not cheering for Federer because he doesn't need it.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Da-da, Da-da, Da-da-aa

Can't get this song out of my head.

I know some people consider it a crime to like a song sung by Paris Hilton, but I can't help it!!

Da-da,Da-da, Da-da, Da,
Da-da, Da-da, Da-da, Da

So I was thinking to myself when you passed me by
"Here's what I like".
And you were with somebody else but you can't deny
Thatís me in your eye

Do you know
What itís like
When itís wrong
But it feels so right?

Nothing in this world can stop us tonight
I can do what she can do so much better
Nothing in this world can turn out the light
Iím gonna make you feel alright tonight.
Da-da, Da-da, Da-da, Da, Tonight
Da-da, Da-da, Da-da, Da, Tonight

Baby, you and I, we got what will never be
You know I'm right
So tell me what you're waiting for when you're here with me?
Most guys would die

You should know
What itís like
When it hurts
ëCause it feels so right

[Repeat Chorus]

I gotta tell you something
Itís something that you just might like
No, itís not the same thing
Yeah, you'll learn I'm not too shy
You and I, we can do this thing tonight


Friday, January 19, 2007

Cashmere Goodness

I still miss my first Burberry scarf that I ever owned.

Till this day I do not know if I lost it out of my carelessness or to my psycho housemate.

I guess I will never know.

However, I'm fortunate enough to have a friend in the US who was kind enough to buy these for me.

Burberry cashmere scarves in white and burgundy. They were on a whopping 60% sale. I couldn't resist.

Can't wait to get them when I go back to Australia.

I am comforted.


Crowning Glory

After a lot of indecision about what to do with my hair, I finally decided to keep it long and perm it.

I decided that the best way to find the best person to perm my hair was to stop the next random person who had fantastic hair and ask them point blank where they did their hair.

The opportunity came when I was at the bank.

Me: *looking at a woman's hair with envy*
Woman: *puzzled do I know this psycho girl from somewhere look*
Me: *finally* Excuse me, could you please tell me where you do your hair?
Woman: Oh... Salon X.

Salon X is the most expensive salon in town.

This perm cost me almost 2 times what a normal perm would cost. But I'm happy.

Pictures when I can be bothered.

Now I want to highlight my hair too. But I'm pretty much broke right now.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Feliciano Lopez

Have been watching Australian Open to amuse myself and happened to watch Feliciano Lopez play.

So he didn't win. So what? A guy that good looking can get fans anywhere, even if he was the world's worst tennis player.



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Canine Wit

I persuaded my parents to get me a beagle when I was 10 and instead I got 2 white balls of fluff that grew up to be pretty lovable but disobedient dogs.

For starters, although there's a good-sized garden attached to my home, they insist on trying to escape from the house with every possible opportunity.

In their younger days, the event of them breaking lose would result in me having to go chasing after them through the neighbourhood shouting 'Missy, Polar, come back here now!' Can anything be more humiliating? But if I didn't pursue them, they would go gallivanting round the neighbourhood, rousing all the other dogs and worse - come home pregnant (that happened twice).

Incidentally, I did not name them. It was the previous owner who did it. I would have come up with something better or worse.

Anyway, now that they're getting on in years they would wait until 3pm to start whining to be let out of their kennel. And when they do manage to escape from the prison of a home that they feel they're in (ungrateful wretches!) they usually scamper around the neighbourhood for about half an hour then dutifully come home, sit outside the front gate and whine to be let in again.

My brother detests my dogs because of their constant whining and demands to be let in or let out. But they're pretty smart in their own way. At least they know how to come home. Other than that they just follow me around the house and wait to be fed.

I guess that's a dog's life in this house.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Skinny Jeans

I have a pair of skinny jeans from Bettina Liano but they're sort of a greyish color.

Now somehow I'm obsessed about getting a dark blue pair.

Going on a quest.


Ghost Stories

When people break up the most common line I hear from both parties is "I don't know what I ever saw in him".

In my case it wasn't a case of breaking up - it was a case of falling out of a friendship.

2 years down the road and we are on "hi-bye" terms and he had the audacity to say this to me.

Him: So, where are you moving to this year?
Me: Oh...the apartment on Swanston St, do you know it?
Him: Not the Swanston St one!! *mock horror*
Me: Why not?
Him: Well, a girl commited suicide in that building and my friend who lives there moved out because of... spooks.
Me: That's the other apartment.
Him: No, it's your apartment.

I was starting to get pissed off.

Me: Well, even if it was, so what?
Him: Well, if the lift stops at that floor in the middle of the night, you'll be prepared.
Me: ..............I'll inform you if I ever get spooked. Thanks for your advice. *roll eyes*
Him: I know I shouldn't be telling you these things, but it's true.


I'm not a 10 year old girl anymore and he is not a 15 year old teasing teenage boy either. What on earth did I ever see in him? WHAT?

Stupid immature idiotic &(@#*@()#.

I feel better now.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Year 4

In less than two weeks I'll be heading back to Melbourne for my fourth year in Dentistry.

Up to now I'm still undecided as to whether I should bother buying those magnifying thingamees to wear for root canal treatment. I've been told it's not necessary but would be a good help. So should I buy it?

I confess that I'm a tad lazy to bother. If it's not essential.

Other than that, I guess I look forward to going back. Going to have a new start in a new apartment, which is kind of good for a person who is currently obsessed with organizing. Been mentally planning how I would set up my bedroom, which is about 3 times the size of the room I stayed in last year. I can finally stretch out.

It'll be good to go back to Melbourne where I can do anything when I want and how I want instead of being governed by idiotic rules at home. I'm not allowed to drive (the traffic here is too crazy), not allowed to go out alone (do you want to get raped and murdered?) , not allowed to do anything essentially. Will embrace my freedom with open arms again.

This year is going to be particularly different because my housemate of 4 years (the non-psycho one) has gone to Singapore to start work.

Things will never be the same again.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Troubled Mind 2

Just had a good crying fit in my room for a good hour. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just give up trying to pretend everything is alright and just do what is appropriate - eat chocolates and go into depression.

Parents naturally thought I was crazy.

It's in times like these that self pity takes over. Why can't I be more like other normal human beings whose biggest worry in the world is what color to wear for the next day.

Of course, I know better than that. Someone out there who is homeless and starving would gladly trade their place with mine anytime.

It's not that I'm ungrateful. It's just that sometimes things just mount up until I can't take it anymore.

2 days ago, I told my friend my life is near perfect. He admonished me.

Him: I get nervous when people say that. It's like inviting something bad to come happen to show you your life sucks.
Me: bad can life be anymore? Isn't an accident, a dissapointing friend, a controlling psycho and a kleptomanic housemate enough for 4 years of my life? Isn't that enough misfortune for a lifetime?!
Him: Just don't get too happy.

I guess what he said is true.


I refuse to go down the valley of self pity. I shall instead go to the mountains and search for cashmere sweaters, diamonds and leather luxury goods.

Excuse me while I go drown my sorrows.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Troubled Mind

Whenever I start slipping into the valley of self pity and depression, I try to keep myself occupied with things to do. Therefore I've been surfing around for more bags to add to my collection. Bear with me.

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Shirley - I've been thinking about buying this for ages but I live in mortal fear that one day the multicolored print will just be deemed as out of fashion and I'll be stuck with a very expensive useless bag.

Luella Suzi Tote - Yummy.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Roxbury Drive - I love this so much. But not in this color - I think white is the nicest in this collection.

Chanel 2.55 - in white ostrich skin. Did I ever mention ostrich skin was my favourite exotic leather? This is by far the most expensive bag on this list. Sigh...

I need a new hobby.


The Way It Goes

My GP had informed me the persistent pain I've been experiencing on my upper right side of my face was due to a vertically impacted wisdom tooth. I believed her and went to consult the oral surgeon to get it extracted.

He looked at the notes, looked at me and said, "This is not a wisdom tooth problem."

Somehow that announcement didn't comfort me.

After a few proddings and more questions he finally settled on the root of the problem.

"The titanium plates that were implanted into your face during your accident seem to be the source of your pain. I would suggest removing them on both sides as well as the wisdom tooth - all at one go under GA."


96% of titanium implants are fine. Turns out I'm one of the 4%.

Now I'm in the wild goose chase of having to find out what brand of titanium plates they used because apparently, different systems use different screws and bolts to hold it in place.

When will my dental woes end?

P/S: The surgeon seemed tickled when he found out I was a dental student. What is so funny?!?!?


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wantan Boats

Spent the morning playing tennis with my dad. I haven't played for a year but surprisingly I could still hit the ball over the net.

The bad news was that after half an hour I was at the verge of collapse and called it quits. Never mind - I must have burned at least a few calories.

Came back and starting constructing wantans in the shape of boats. I was so charmed by the results that I actually made an effort to take photos.

Wantan boats ready to sail in a sea of oil and straight into hungry mouths


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The one thing I detest about silver is the fact that it tarnishes.

Happily, I found a good and easy way to clean out my silver jewelry. All you need is a shallow pan, aluminium foil and bicarbonate soda.

Line the pan with aluminium and pour boiling hot water into the pan and add some bicarbonate soda into it. Put your silver in and leave it.

The foil will be dirty at the end of it and your silver bright, shiny and new again.

On a side note, these are my latest favourites from Tiffany & Co. Both are set in platinum and diamonds.

What is it about diamonds that sparks lust?


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


My dad thinks that I'm a hypochondriac.

That's because at the slightest tooth pain I imagine the worst and when I get an ulcer around the sulcus of my mouth I start wondering if it's an abscess or something equally sinister.

However, my pains have proven to be not entirely imaginary.

Turns out my teeth have been hurting because of a vertically impacted wisdom tooth.

More dental visits to endure.



Burberry cashmere scarves are on sale in the United States.

I have a friend who lives there who is willing to bring it back for me should I desire to get one. But what happens? They don't accept international credit cards.

I'm inconsolable.


Monday, January 08, 2007


My latest obsession is to be really really organized.

Which is kind of ironic because when I was young I basically didn't really care much about being organized. I just put stuff anywhere.

Been reading up websites that give tips on organizing and I've been getting more than a little excited.

I have no life.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Locks

I don't know what to do with my hair.

It's currently straggly from the last perm I did and long. I'm unsure if I should:

1. Cut it short - which is the hairstyle for 2007
2. Screw fashion and perm it over again since I kinda liked the results the last time
3. Leave it the way it is - ugly.

This yearly dilemma is eating me alive.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

My New Baby

I've been putting off blogging about my shopping but I've finally gotten round to it.

This is one of the bags I bought this time round. It's the Celine Boogie bag - which I've bee craving for... well, a very long time.

It's designated to be my second uni bag. Whee!

I love luxury designer goods.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So, whenever I complain about my weight gain girls who are stick thin love to tell me this:

"Oh... you know since I've gotten to Australia I haven't gained an ounce. I don't understand why everybody else does. *patronizing smile*"

Well. I met that exact same girl a couple of days ago and guess what?

She's fat now.

I'm sorry, am I being a bitch?


Monday, January 01, 2007


I've been looking at my resolutions for 2006. I told myself that I wanted to exercise more, be more organized, live realistically and eat less chocolate.

I think I'm more organized now than I was before and I think I live semi-realistically - which is better than nothing. Chocolate and exercise are just things that I am not willing to change in my life.

This year, I have decided to:

1. Be frank. No longer will I let something bothering me fester in my mind for months until I finally explode and end up with a major mental or physical breakdown. I shall tell people exactly how I feel the moment I feel it instead of being a hypocrite and ending up miserable.

2. Be positive. This is going to be a good year. This is going to be a good year. This is going to be a good year. (x 1000000)

3. Stop procrastinating. I shall do my denture labwork as soon as I can instead of waiting for the last possible minute to do it. Same goes with printing lecture notes. And laundry. And studying. Etc etc etc...

I think the hardest is trying to be positive. It's much easier to live in pessimism, but I shall try my best to be bouncy and cheerful.

Bouncy and cheerful Dental Girl - does she exist?